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Trump fooled you once, shame on him, if you vote for him twice shame on you.

And Trump in behalf of all Americans wants to get out of the World Human Organization but keep up the American troops in Yemen.
You might like Trump because he is entertaining, but America needs more than a clown to lead and be its President.

Listening to the song Iron Sky of Paolo Nutini since 2014 to the Charles Chaplin speech from The Great Dictator, made me think that still so sadly true that history repeats. That some people have let some hater-machine man…


“Let any one of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” John 8:1–11

These words should be the cornerstone of those that call themselves Christians, meaning they believe that these words said by Jesus from Nazareth were and are the truth.

From the catholic church, passing to the protestans and evangelicals, all have paradoxically a way to live their lives believing that God can do anything , but somehow God needs a hand from them, of course, to punish the ‘sinners’. Specially if the sinner in question…


I’ve been once in Copenhagen and I wanted to go back to try to have sex with these good looking men and willing to see this egalitarian society, known to be one of the happiest of the world. Is sex among of the thing that make Danes happy? Are Dane men willing to have a 50–50 giving-receiving-pleasure-sex with his partner?

‘I cum therefore you have to cum as well.’

First time I ever had an encounter through Tinder, which I believe that holds only the worst of men, those who wants to liberate their perversity without any…

How the patriarchal system had brain-washed women to believe that gray hair/wrinkled face/obesity in a man don’t make him unattractive!

I’m a cinephile, I watch from the documentaries, indepedent ùovies and some block-busters! American Tv series? yes, specially the “funny” ones. And over and over like the Will & Grace episode did once with Jack sapping through the channels looking for something to watch, he went: ‘Fat husband; slim wife, (sap) fat husband, slim wife.”

The hypocrisy of an ugly man not looking for a woman who looks like himself. How perverse is this behavior? How come see anttractive woman…

I believed that I was used to losing people but it turned out it is the opposite.

Fofi in Paris 2008, he never was so beautiful!

I’ve been reading philosophy since the age of 18 years old. I well aware of people dying in Yemen of hunger,or without medication, medical help.The war in Syria, with hospitals been bombed, and schools. Children, women and men been trade as slaves. The exodus from the South Sudan. The rohingyas extermination.

I lost my closest brother in car accident one month and eleven days before to his 27th birthday, which by the way, is one day after my own birthday. …

Because is a simple fact that we all depend on each other for the better or worse.

If you an artist that don’t play by the book, or you a nerd that live/adores the book, at the end of the line, you’re waiting for someone else to validate, to like, to buy, what you’ve have produced and shared with world, therefore produce an income and live by or have a luxury life.

Unless you’ve a very wealthy heir or heiress, of course! Even then, you’ll might seek out for an approval.

So that’s why I’m writing this here at the…

A Rossi

Feminist, nonconformist, essaist

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