Do you live in the same world that objectify women as I do? WE are looking for princes?? Well, it’s about time after thousand of years that from the start men were looking to two things in a woman: having whether she was or not pretty, hot, sexy and to have an endow to be able to get married, and men never have been called whores to getting married for money by the way…

As you wrote, we are aroused by differents things…we need to talk about it before getting married, which we never do, because both are so desperate to not be alone and idealizing about the wedding party and having kids, to fit in what society demands from “normal” people to be, to have.

I agree woth you that the answer is not on google.

Men and women should be willing to satisfied sexually your partner. Even it’s only a one night stand or the husband or wife of your life.

And that biologically is already not fair to women, which to have an orgasm ( a part those lucky ones that can have an orgasm ridding a bike!) need more from whom she’s having sex with than men. And we don’t need to have a prince to not be a selfish fucker! We just need to be more demanding and tell men what to do and if they got what they wanted before us, we need to tell them, “ I didn’t come, what are you able to do about?”


Feminist, nonconformist, essaist

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