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Emily in Paris is missing out on French men under Andropause!

The sick old men in Paris that will never be shown in an American series.

By now both sides of the Atlantic had came to the same conclusion that Emily in Paris is nothing but an entertaining lie and a display for clothing brands, sunglasses, hand bags all the superficial things of a consumerist society that among other things is killing the planet with its dioxide of carbone footprints, enabling modern slavering work force far far from Paris, please.

That will be so funny to see Emily sitting on a chair on the Luxembourg gardens, by herself, reading a book for a change, not as usual selfing herself; and an old man that could be her father even her grandfather comes out of the blue, standing in front of her, so you have to look up and he says:

it’s seems very interesting what you’re reading, what’s about it?

WTF? The first time he it has happened to me many years ago, in a book store, a white French of souche man, older than my father, by his white beard, hair I’d imagine he was on his 65 years old? and he went after asking me why I was interesting on Hannah Arendt book which I politely answered something back and from that he went:

voulez-vous prendre un café? would you like to go for a coffee?

I was shocked for a couple of days; than other times on the street, these same aging men, stares at you, only when I’m by myself, giving you probably don’t live in Paris, the young French men, don’t do it. I mean they don’t stares at women on the streets, only these old men. The White has less shame to come up to us but men of coloured Arabs and Africain fellows do it as well, more likely to foreign White women like myself. They don’t do it to White French women out of cowardice but more out in my believe as they suffered xenophobia and being considered second class citizens themselves, they feel empowered by wanting to behave like their White French men peers and hit on women that they want to call up a pute = whore.

A bill was passed in 2018 against the street cat-calling and is a very powerful move against sexism, but for the baby-boomers has not effect at all. They just love to say in their defence, we can’t say anything these days. But wait a minute, younger men says this too. Yeah and younger men has whom as male models?

Last summer in 2022 than, I was confronted again with a vieux con that wants to believe that he has the right to come up to someone that it’s not only out of his league, that I am sex worker lurking for old man like himself as a client…by reading a book….by myself, and I’m not old as he is, of course!

Because when you have a female or male company and you’re not an old woman like himself, the dispicables old men they don’t come up to you.

So it doesn’t suffice that he’s thinking that you’re a sex worker only because you’re pretty and by yourself.

And I can’t not pepper spray the hell out of his face? We need to realise that his words even though seems not violent per se , are a sort of subtle violence_ because of what they really imply.

And when I told very calmly to the last vieux de merde to leave me read in peace, he passes by to another man besides my chair and said something that made this other boys club; giggled.

Now if I have told him right off, to go to f*ck yourself monsieur! oh la la, she’s aggressive, she’s crazy, she’s a bitch, specially she has an accent, she’s only pretending…

If there’s one of you thinking that I’m exaggerating, once I told an old man to have a good day and leave me alone, au revoir, he answered me right back ,very Frenchly (meaning for them politily fucking with you) à bientôt, which means see you soon. (!)

I was pretending not being a sex worker at the moment by I will be one down on the beautiful road of not finding a job in Paris, even though one might be more qualified for position but out of so-called patriotism? they rather give itto a French citizen, White one, less qualified (because even to the French of colour they are not equal). The égalité still a happiness to be persued in France in 2023. And French folks loves to say that there’s no more American dream, well maybe, but there was never ever a French dream to begin with.

Having an accent for certain men and women in Paris, France to treat you totally different. But I will right about xenophobia in Paris another time.

Some young women that looks Asian, specially the Au-pairs that comes from Philippines, or French-Chinese women, these same age range men, comes up to them in a broken English to asks them how much is it!

Please be my guess to imagine about what he was asking the price for…

And the writer told us so in an interview some yeras ago for the coming out of her book. Yeah, she had her book published and she needs to put up with shit like this.

One might argue that if they try to hook women up on parks, bookshops, it’s because it might have worked for them before. Or/and that foreign women are more likely to work as sex workers, specially in a more visual openly places the unfamous Bois de Boulogne, or Saint Denis street, and I give you that but still French women working as sex workers in Belgium in the so-calles Maison Close (closed houses, private sex clubs), from there one should take every single French woman as a sex worker?

I don’t care if one of these old men hooked up with someone sitting in a park, there’s rue Saint Denis fill up with sex workers in plein sight in the middle of the fucking day, don’t you think because I am by myself reading a fucking book or sunbathing in a beautiful place near by my own house, an old man, have the right to come up with second intentions to satisfy his own desires, mentally mostly, otherwise you will have a heart attack with viagra sir! Which will be a good thing, don’t get me wrong, but do your intake of viagra with a professional and paid for it like you should piece of shit.

There’s many old women, same age range of these old men, reading books by themselves, why these hypocrites don’t go hit on them instead? because they are not looking for companionship but for a sex worker, and if you are a women sitting by yourself you might be one ?? WTF? How come this is not violent for women that have chosen to be single and the best case scenario don’t want to be bothered but old men?

Maybe and I said maybe by Lucas Bravo :)




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