Gustavo could please help me out to understand in an exemple what you’ve meant?

Here: a child that had been abused sexually by sibblings and father, emocionally by the mother from the age of 3 years old (if you agree with Chris Blodegett and I quote:Three- or 4-year-old children who have been exposed to trauma are at much greater risk of lacking the biological foundations or the behavior skills that will allow them to succeed in school and in life. The trauma keeps stealing their opportunities moment by moment and day by day.”), at the adulthood this person realized that she/he can’t reach out to her goals (auto-sabotage), with no friends or companion, because, she/he stats to understand the power of uncosciousness and cognitive bias, and this person feels an overwhelmed self-pity.

Now, what you have written is that that person shoudn’t feel self-pity and do something about her life and take control of her/his life, but how? evan though this person trys to enrolls in relationships, this person doesn’t have the skills to “navigate” in life.

I’ll really apreciate if you give me a feed back on this.



Feminist, nonconformist, essaist

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