Hi there! Thanks for sharing your point of view about this time of your life! I could emphasy with you on how our masculinist society demand a beautiful woman , which means at least being slim and curvy at some points of her body, but a man in a society don’t have a shame to hit on a slim beautiful woman when he is a overweigheted ugly guy! From movies and litterature, women only supposed to be attractive. It’s sad to see that a not attractive man is repudiaing himself, not looking for someone phisically alike. So from his own point of view, why should the beautiful woman interested about someone like him?

I’ve been a target all my life. I’m slim, with boobs and whatever…and I tell you, when I try to hit on a man, (maybe because there are parisiens…) they don’t take it well to say the least…not only, man need to be “picky” about his “choices” but they have to have the control of the situation. Yeah… we know by 2017 that both male and female brains, have the same amount of sexual desire…the brain washed done on women brains is so strong, that we are the one been called up “easy”, “sluts” while men, gets a womenizer…

You look great. Try to be healthy, because as you know being sick, is not really the point of our lives! Take care girl! : )


Feminist, nonconformist, essaist

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