How many languages do you speak Louis? yeah… my terrible English didn’t stop you to take the time to answer me back, so… I’ll try to get better, thanks!

1. Am I completely distracted by external looks or are they not good looking men that are hitting on me because I’m good looking? You’ve tried to turn things around the same point that I’ve written about.
Why men in general is not seeking and hitting on, “the beauty inside a person” at the first place? Why you think that altruism is up to women, but not to men?

2. Money talks! That’s so sad for any man, young, older, good looking or not, paying for sex or so-called ‘love’! Knowing that that woman is with him or getting married to him because of his money! But you know is my personal point of view…
Louis, there many reasons why people get together, however, my point was, (if didn’t understand my English the pictures speaks tomes about the idea!), how you said the patriarchal world had given money, power to white men, and for centuries they had the blessing of any religion, to dominate women, rules the societies trends and costumes, and one of them, is to brain-Welsh women to accept, especially in the film industry that is ordinary and demanded that actresses are with a smooth free-wrinkle face with a raisin face partner actor!

Why don’t we see on the screen older-internal-beauty actresses with young good looking (and smart) male actors?

There’s no gender equality on the screen, not only about their wages, not about their looks.


Feminist, nonconformist, essaist

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