I'm one of these people, as I've written about the hyprocy of ugly men hitting on beautiful women brain whasing society that we grew up with, women after 30 realises that it's not worth, there's no real connection because there's no real equality, not only about money and being paid less but social, mentally equality, men don't want to see us as an equal partner. Therefore sexually speaking still being "normal" that he cums and we don't, he is a promiscuos and we're a slut. He watches TV after work we cook the dinner, he has the last word on vacation because he's paying for it because he lives in a world that he are been payd more than his female peers. I pay for my own vacation or not, I know that I give myself amazing orgams and I love my own company, I have embraced singledom.

Feminist, nonconformist, essaist

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A Rossi

A Rossi

Feminist, nonconformist, essaist

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