Keep doing what you want and write down here about it, please =)!

This platform is like any other therefore when you’re an anti-conformist and a feminist se shouldn’t care about feedbacks! (tell me about, I wrote about the hyprocrasy of unattractive men in cinema/tv having sexual partners that are very attractive! and never an unttractive woman having a beautiful lover!).

About the body hair, you’re a brave woman! bravo! I have a critique about the hyspter movement these men with a lot of hair on their faces, which for me it’s unatractive, remind me pubic hair on their faces! can we women have a hyster movement that we stop shaving as well?

For me, I shave my armpitt because it’s easier to smell less since I transpirate a lot! But this same idea should be for men as well…For my legs, I wax them, so there’s a time that I have to wait for the hair has the the necessary lenth to be waxed…and I had to explain myself for boyfriends in the past!



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Feminist, non-conformist, a foreigner living in a so called "developed" country