Not only you but many other articles from magazines had written about “what women really really want” or “why men and women can not understand each other”… How can we run before even had started walking? We don’t have an equality between genders way before getting both in bed! A woman is not only been called a slut when she’s performing sex, but way before that, if she was the one to hit on the guy at the bar at the first place! Which seems so obvious than give hints about what you like and ask to other person what they liked and still…

And it depends so much on who you’re doing with, is a on night stand? Is that guy giving a shit to make you come or not? You can tell him like a GPS direction that he won’t do it right and more you tell him what to do more he gets frustrated and don’t give you an orgasm. Well as usual you need to give it yourself.

From a booty call and after (a boyfriend, husband)or anything else we fuck in regular basis, I can’t see we not telling them what you like, and them not realisening that we are not coming either…Even that I had a booty call that I had to tell him: look I didn’t come …so you need to this and that..and he’s poor response was: “really?? you didn’t come??” (you’re guessed right, we are not fucking anymore!)

The thing is most of women me included, unfortunetely, don’t get an orgasm as quickly as most of guys so…we have a long way to des-objectified women, be less prude to talk about sex in general with friends, with our kids, our parents, at school and then in a 100 years or so the future couples will be having a better sex like we have (specially for us straigth women ) a better more open one, than the women in 1917!

Feminist, nonconformist, essaist

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A Rossi

A Rossi

Feminist, nonconformist, essaist

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