Our society thinks tha normal pattern is a male to be an absuser, a rapist, and a woman being the victim, is so wrong that the man like the commentary below, men had more shame and more difficulty to talk and presse charges when they are raped, abused etc.

But if men sexually victims can’t not see that the all pression they feel about telling their assaults are coming from the same point then the assaulted women?

From the partriarcal world. It’s from some men diminishing our men and women feelings hurted by the assault or/and abuse.

We, assaulted, abused men and women should joined attitudes against the macho world.

And if a man had been abused by a woman, it’s not because she comes from a matriarcal society either!!

I’m so sorry for what you’ve have been through Mr. Lewis, but you can write out your point of view and add your struggles and point of view to Taryn’s.

Thank you Taryn!


Feminist, nonconformist, essaist

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