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Square Charles-Victor Langlois, Marais district, Paris


It took me awhile to share here what I’ve witnessed back in April during my lunch break.

I was shocked, disgusted, by those parents enabling their son abusing his sister and doing nothing against him and his actions, but that little girl remained myself, my own parents. How mothers creates the next generations of white entitled men.

English is not my mother language, please indulge me on my grammar mistakes and stick to the story.

From the bench I see this 2 white kids a boy around 7 years old and a younger little girl around 5 years old maybe. They are speaking English with an accent that I didn’t get from where exactly. British? or Australian? Not American though.

Both climb a short stairs to get at the top of a pole to slide down.But the girl can do it easily, without having a second thought. And her older brother doesn’t. He just stands there, too afraid to slide off on that pole.

Yeah, go girl! she climbs again the stairs, pass in front of him and slides down back to the ground. The little boy gets angry, envious of his little sister and when she back to the ground he KICKS her in her face.

I am sweating while I am writing this, and I am trying to figure out why.

My jaw dropped. I said louder that I could realized in English: Oh My God.

The square was pretty much busy. Around lunch time is normally busy in the square in Paris with adults and couples with their children, it was a beautiful spring sunny day.

I believe that their parents sitting across the slide overheard me. They were looking at me. Jaw still dropped and the little girl ran out to them to cry out.

I was expecting the father or the mother come up and say something to their son that was at the same spot, laughing at his little sister crying. Yeah, LAUGHING, and he nodded his head like patting himself on the shoulder, ‘well done pal’.

The parents not only, didn’t say anything to the boy. Neither they really comforted the girl, they dismissed her like it was nothing. And she copped like any other child has to. Like I have to. For many years. she didn’t have anyone else to run to. What a five years old can do to themselves? Move out? be independent? until she will get independent in theory, her subconscious will full with messages, you’re better than boys, more courageous, intelligent, but it doesn’t get you anywhere. Boys will become men that will run the world.

Put up with disrespect because you don’t deserve better.

But I loved the courage of this little girl, I hope she won’t get as long as I did to realized the hard truth: my parents didn’t know how to love their children.

She went back to the slide, to climb the stairs again, her brother that still there, unable to do anything, starts to stomp on her hands at the last stair…

Parents still sitting and watching it like it was a sunset in the beach…

She manages to get to pole and slides it down graciously and went to another toy.

He follows her, of course. It was a giant circle that you can run over it or turn it like a giant wheel.

At this point, I am talking out loud, because I couldn’t get a hold of me anymore; I said to the parents overhear me: I hope he’s not gonna kick her in the face again…!

Then, maybe was God_ the square is just besides the Blanc Manteaux church, or maybe the parents overheard me, the father moved his ass to go play with them.

While he was walking toward the new toy, the girl was brave enough to walk the narrow wheel and the boy?? yeah, exactly, he was loosing his balance and falling off so he runs to his sister and try to push her down!

But she managed to jump before he would get to her!

then the father comes and try to play with them, told them to sit down and he pulled and make the wheel turn… he didn’t say a word to the boy!

The mother didn’t move until I have left and told besides her : shame on you.

We need as society take off the heavy prejudice that hangs on people if they don’t have kids. Those that had it and regret it can’t speak up. And seek help.

We need to make easier as well to the children of unfit parents for seeking medical help as early as possible, at pre-school.

And therapy sessions should be covert at any health insurance.

Good luck little girl, you’re brave, smart, and the only love you will need in life will be from yourself.




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