Thank you Gid for this article! I never had to have an abortion, but I believe on a secular world, that laws shouldn’t be ruled after ones believes! As catholic myself, I don’t accept the judgemental towards anyone. Those who claims that whoever did or do (as doctors) abotions go the hell, or haresses them at the clinic, are not doing the anything of that because of Jesus, who didn’t condemed a prostitute, and used to hung out with “sinners” all the time. These accusers are arrogants, feeling good to trash other people. Like if God will need them to persucuted, even kill other people for Him! Who knows which sins these sinners had commited and it wans’t in abortion clinic?

In a democracy and civilized country, the law should be compatible to all faiths nor no faith, and abortion should be a medical act avalaible to all women.

The hyprocrasy of this is that no one comes to help a mother or a child out, but an abortion is the ultimate crime! But it’s not a crime to have death penalty, sometimes with innocent prisoners. It’s not a bigger crime that we as society don’t have given them the opportunity to not end up in prison at the first place?

Is that better to come to this life without having a parenting wanting us, been prepared to have us?

I pray for all men and women that had to have an abortion, and that God help them to be a parent someday, a good one, whenever they will want to. And the courage to take precautions to never have to have another abortion.


Feminist, nonconformist, essaist

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