Thank you so much for this! I’m an eco-friendly person, I know about we eating plastic through the fish chain, but I didn’t know about the infime amounts of plastice coming from the tires passing upon a road…!!!!

And bias pessimist I knew that as well from our reptilien brain…but I can’t help myself, that your article, which is so important for any generations living and especially for those who has kids, haven’t given many applause clic!

Shame on all the medium readers that gives 4.4k to some other issue that is not as much as important like really the quality of life on the earth and what we homo sapiens are doing to the other animals!

So still, being “green” is not on the agenda of the American people, but America is the second most pollutor country!

Keep up the fight Leyla!

and I thank you for me and for the future generations!


Feminist, nonconformist, essaist

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A Rossi

A Rossi

Feminist, nonconformist, essaist