Thanks for sharing this Mitchell. Semantics apart even though Darma has a value point, as far as I concern, it completes the idea the is tru to me from Chris Blodgett and I quote :

Three- or 4-year-old children who have been exposed to trauma are at much greater risk of lacking the biological foundations or the behavior skills that will allow them to succeed in school and in life. The trauma keeps stealing their opportunities moment by moment and day by day.

Awareness or consciousness is not making the real calls or decison in our lives, have been tramuatized or not, and is always a tabou to talk about in our society, as if it will take our responsability out of our actions and decisons, the bad ones, but these fear to try to talk about and understand more about uncosciousness is not helping the traumatized people like myself and to gain progress on knowing our own mindset.


Feminist, nonconformist, essaist

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