That’s beautiful that you have this family business! Here my point of you: I’ve been eating meat (I’m from Brazil!) all my life without thinking about the animal suffering and therefore that reflection on our health until I came to live in Paris and the organic market grew up, and my concious about it grew as well. I’ve chosen to decrease the quantity of meat eaten and only organic. All my life I had terrible cramps and PMS. I have stopped to eat any meat, even organic ones, for a whole month, and suprise: I didn’t have my breast soared, swollen, as usual. I went back eating organic meat, and the PMS symptoms were back again and I’ve went another month meatless and again I didn’t have anys soarness…so this is one point, and the other one is, I accept that an animal is killed for us to eat his meat, but for our own sake, this animal have to be treated respectufully until his or her death. They have had an outside life, not confinded until some of them go crazy, and at the time of their death, they have to put uncoscious. And it’s logical, but the animal industry only thinks about benefits, I believe these people don’t eat their own animal meat, right?


Feminist, nonconformist, essaist

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