The Hypocrasy of ugly men hitting on a beautiful, younger woman

5 min readFeb 19, 2018


How the patriarchal system had brain-washed women to believe that gray hair/wrinkled face/obesity in a man don’t make him unattractive!

I’m a cinephile, I watch from the documentaries, indepedent ùovies and some block-busters! American Tv series? yes, specially the “funny” ones. And over and over like the Will & Grace episode did once with Jack sapping through the channels looking for something to watch, he went: ‘Fat husband; slim wife, (sap) fat husband, slim wife.”

The hypocrisy of an ugly man not looking for a woman who looks like himself. How perverse is this behavior? How come see anttractive woman with a beautiful man is so rare in the real life? or movies?

It’s not only the cinema art form, it came from Illiad, Helen was the most beautiful woman in the Earth and Paris “won” her after Afrodites bribed him to pick her as the ‘most beautiful goddess among the goddesses’! and she could keep a gold-apple… Like if Afrodites married to the Hephaestus, couldn’t ask her husbando to give her any apple, pineapple, pears in gold!

You know women so vain, only thinking about who’s the prettiest! Not like men, so serious thinking about…their penises.

Please, note that it’s not the all men alike, but their difference have stopped the patriarchy for the last (at the least) 2 thousand years?

And I want say anything about Zeus conquests!

By the way even beings a goddess the only thing a female one can think about is to be prettier than the others females! Even the wisdom goddess Athena!
No description about the looks of Paris. Helen didn’t have a choice, she was given to him. Period.

And from their princesses had to be “beautiful”, poems were written for beings that deserved” I’ve never seen someone as beautiful as you are”.

YOU ARE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL THING I EVER SEEM!(towards a woman never towards a man)

Well, in the perspective that a woman didn’t have the right to vote, to not get married and be respected (Aspasia wasn’t respected even with Péricles and he lost credibility because of their relatioship), to pursue a trade, to be an equal of a man, this “fond animal” needed to the purpose of procreation, exchanging marital object among royal families, didn’t have a better purpose to “entertain” whoever was in the power and who wants to look at a ugly face to be entering with?

The only profession that women are better paid than men is modeling. Are we wonder why?

I’m sick and tired of being hit on by men around 60 years old, especially in Paris!

I’ve lived in Brazil, in Italy (yes, in Italy!), Manhattan, but never an old men (no, 60 years-old is not the new 40's!)had hit on me, like I’ve been in the last 10 years living in Paris, not in the suburbs, not in the popular, 18th,19th and 20th district, not hit on by Arabic French men,(not over 60 year old at the least) no, by white Frenchmen ( de souche) on the 6th Arrondissement!

I wonder if the 60 years-old women are hitting on guys 20 years younger than they are!
So this men, they target specially foreigners.

The all #MeToo situation makes me realize that is not only women coming from abroad have to be targeted by some men, but being a foreigner is even worse, don’t have any retenue , we(the women) might be desperate, lonely, putting up with anything, to not be alone. I rather die alone.

George Orwell wrote once that a lie told 75 times became a true thing. Imagine millennials telling that a woman can’t have as much sex as a man otherwise being a slut.

A man he’s an aventurier and other euphemisms to a whore! If any woman had behaved like Giacomo Casanova even for the other same reasons as diplomate etc, but mainly for the reason that he became an adjective for having tonnes of sex, if he were a woman?

If any actress had being amassed lovers at the pic of her career, brag that she didn’t want to have kids, but end up with 17 years younger husband like George Clooney (apart from the husband), will the media had given her a break? even if she had her philanthropy checked! And by the way I never had masturbate thinking about Clooney like Carrie from Sex and the City!

And the top of that a woman should not only restraint herself but be aroused by an older body. Because women are superior beings that seek the charm, the intelligent, the money of a man…What that says about men anyway?

Now, science had shown that with different pics within a month, a woman has the same quantity of desiring having sex as men and we still being called name s if we just have a one night stand. Many women can’t even enjoy having a casual sex because she need’s to “like” the guy, be involved it might take longer than a dinner.

Because patriarchal society had brain-washed women, which has it’s backlashed when many women for centuries and still nowadays don’t do oral sex, anal sex, because is not what a good girl does or because the partner doesn’t share enough or at all the domestic chores, she’s not aroused by this guy who is not “nice, thoughtful” like she needs to have sex with!
And then men have an excuse to look up for sex, only sex, with another woman! He’s not going to take care of his share at home chores, is much easier to pay a prostitute!

It’s not up to men to change this status quo, men are in a very comfortable position to give that up!

It’s up to us women to stop thinking that that is normal, that older woman with a younger man, she had to still (or became) sexy, without one single wrinkle on her face! Demi Moore anyone? or Julienne Moore?

I like this TV show Divorce, well written, actors are great, but again, the character of Thomas Church which has 57 years old, who already has a 50 years old wife gets divorced from and has a 39 years old actress falling in love with him???

Let’s says that represents the reality! okay, so this “reality” has to change. Not only for actresses as Maggie Gyllenhaal that are left aside on a role because she’s too old to play the loved one of a 20 years older actor!

I want to see Melissa McCarthy in a movie where she has a romantic partner that is a good-looking as Chris Evans! Why not?

And I know that some women, will critize it. The patriarcal world wouldn’t had survived if some women hadn’t abode to its way of thinking and became a macho themselves.

That’s is the brain-washing.




Feminist, non-conformist, a foreigner living in a so called "developed" country