Why children are born within War zones?

3 min readFeb 17, 2023


The ultimatum tabu: having children within a chaos and calling it a “gift from God”!

Wolves are better decision makers than most of the Homo sapiens.

Research also shows that when there isn’t enough food or roaming area for a wolf pack that the alpha male and the beta female may not even mate at all. This is to ensure that those in their pack don’t have more to care for or more to share food with. As a result of this though it can be very hard to get numbers of species in danger of extinction to increase.

When many men all around the world has erectile dysfunction, under stress at their job, watching too much porno, men in war zones as Syria not only can get hard, while the whole country has been destroyed, but they cum inside their wives bodies.

Don’t they can be as intelligent as a wolf? As responsible as a wolf? Or maybe a wolf suffers more seeing their cubs dying out, cubs that didn’t ask to be brought into the world?

Please don’t tell at the children suffering hunger, being inputted a leg or an arm or both, getting orphan, the patriarcal saying that children are “God’s Gift”!

These phrase has being repeated in some many religions, just to shush women for not willing to having them.

God’s gift to us is our brain, to think when is the best time to have children if it will be time in my lie to be the best father or mother to someone?

You play irresponsibly with lives, children are not cattle, not animals that the more you have the richer YOU are.

Is the any NGO that has the courage to tell men to pull out? talk about planned parenthood? Is there any mullah than can teach men during a war you should be thinking about sex, specially not getting your wife pregnant? because it will be unkind to God’s gift?

If God’s gift were a Ferrari, would you leave it to be bombarded? or would you not even had bought it and keep the money safe to buy it whenever will be more secure, appropriate to have and be happy driving around with your beloved Ferrari?

Children are not “gifts” , because they are not things, objects. They are a consequence of 2 consent adults ( we hope so) through a deliberate act of sex.

Masturbation is a sin, haram? But seen the result of your decision to have sex when there’s a war, poverty, destruction, dying under bombing, going on hunger, having no school to go to, is not haram?

It’s not God’s will that a baby survived his or hers entirely family death. She or he shouldn’t exist at the first place!

We deserved to be born in a family, in a city, in a country that can supply us with what we need to thrive in this life.

As the movie Capharnaüm of Nadine Labarki as shown courageously, a child that suits his parents for bringing up to this world when they weren’t suit to give a proper life.




Feminist, non-conformist, a foreigner living in a so called "developed" country