You’re right! Thank you for this! I do have not a chip but a fucking billboard on my shoulder! And when I defend myself, I’m not being a woman…men are afraid of me… Sure, they should be specially if the only thing that makes them feel as man is their aggressiveness!

Thank you for sharing that even though you had done the right “list”, been well educated, having a perment job, you didn’t achieve like myself which have chosen to NOT do it, end up the in depression, which I don’t even see any clue out of this, because it’s not (for me)something that a pill will change the way I feel about this society and vice-versa. I won’t abide to the patriarcal world that I was brought into!

Feminist, nonconformist, essaist

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A Rossi

A Rossi

Feminist, nonconformist, essaist

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